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SOME BY MI V10 Vitamin Tone Up Cream 50ml SOMEBYMI [GLAM]
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Size (L x W x H) 4 cm x 4 cm x 16 cm
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SOME BY MI V10 Vitamin Tone Up Cream 50ml 

=Main Effect=

- Instant Whitening
- Actual Whitening
- Wrinkle improvement
- Moisturizing
- Pinky glimmering


-Whitening tone-up cream with moisturizing texture like moisturizer

-High-content (700,000ppm) vitamin tree seed extract included

-Glutathione, niacinamide with whitening effect and 10 kidns of vitamin solve dark skin tone problem

-Instant tone-up effect when applying and actual whitening effect when use continuously

-Bright pinky tone-up with nature oriented natural pigment from Vitamin B12

-No artificial additives of 20 kinds No allergenic component / EWG green grade proved product used

-Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin / double function for wrinkle and whitening



=How To Use=

-If used alone-

>> Spread Vitamin Tone-Up Cream To get Beautiful Snow-White Skin


-If mixed-

>> Mix the Tone-Up Cream with Foundation Darker than Your Skin Tone


-As a Make-up Base-

>> Apply Makeup on top of Vitamin Tone-Up Cream For a Longer-Lasting Brightly Shimmering Makeup


-For Body Tone-up-

>> Apply on darkened Armpits and Knees. Also on Necks that has different shades with the Makeup Face



=Vitamin-ful Tone-Up Cream_Recommended to People Below=

1. What I want is not just an instant tone-up but an actual change in my skin tone.

2. I was always shy of certain body parts darkened from pigmentation. This summer, I want this to change!

3. I want soft smooth textured tone-up cream.

4. I am looking for tone-up cream that even sensitive skins can trust.

5. Don't want to be afraid of revealing my true face anymore at college trips or sleep-overs.

6. What I want is not just dull whiteness but natural brightness exuding energy.

7. I want resilient, shiny and moisturized makeup.


=Fantastic Together=

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