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SOME BY MI Bye Bye Blackhead / Blemish / Charcoal BHA Pore Clay Bubble Mask 120g SOMEBYMI [GLAM]
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5 Minutes Green Tea Tox Intensive blackhead care

Step 1 - 3 minutes
- Melts away blackheads
- 16 different kinds of tea + naturally sourced BHA
- The tea nutrients and 5,000 ppm of naturally sourced BHA ingredients help melt away blackheads, whiteheads,
and other impurities.

Step 2 - 1 minute
- Removes blackheads
- BHA bubbles + live green tea leaves + Konjac granules
- Fine BHA foam, konjac granules, and live green tea leaves of various sizes act as natural exfoliants that gently remove blackheads.

Step 3 - 1 minute
- Closing of pores
- Green tea + Tannin complex
- The 240,000 ppm of green tea water and tannin complex, a patented ingredient, provide comprehensive pore care and tighten enlarged pores.

SOME BY MI Charcoal BHA Pore Clay Bubble Mask Cleanser 120g
STEP 01 : Pore deep clean
BHA + Charcoal + Clay After exfoliation, cleansing accumulated blackheads and impurities

-STEP 02 : Skin Detox
3 Types of brightening ingredients Purified pores, clean and clear skin

-STEP 03 : Calming Balance
Truecica + Carbonated water Maintaining moisture · oil and healthy pH balance without acne breakouts

Bye Bye Blemish Vita Tox Brightening Bubble Cleanser 120g

01. Brightening Intensive care
02. Impurities cleansing
03. Exfoliate dead skin cells

Step 01_3 mins > Clean up the impurities inside the pore
Vita Oxygen Bubble pack
Viscous vita oxygen bubbles deliver nutrient of the vitamin to cleanse out impurities inside the pores and skin

Step 02_1 mins > Exfoliate dead skin cells
Vitamin C Capsules + Konjac granules
Deliver vitamin and exfoliate skin, all at once! Vitamin C capsules that burst when rolled on skin provide skin with some extra vitamin and smooth out skin texture

Step 03_1 mins > Recharge Brightening
Goheung Yuja + Green Tangerine
Extracts gained from the pure area of Goheung and Jeju Green Tangerine make a clear and clean complexion

How To Use (Recommended for use 2-3 times a week.)
1. Spread a small amount of the product over your face when dry, avoiding the eye area. Spread the product thinly and evenly, like when applying a facial mask.
2. Leave the bubble mask on for 3-5 minutes after the foam has appeared. Then gently rub your face using small, circular motions and a small amount of water to remove impurities.
3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

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