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  • a special facial mask in the form of a soap, made with cocoon extract.
  • It gently cleanses, tighten enlarged pores and removes dead skin and blackheads to visibly enhance skin firmness and contouring.
  • This ‘Pore Soap’ with Sericin(silkworm extract) isexcellent for absorption of skin excretion withinpores, helps with general pore management.
  • Helps clean up the black & white heads clogged between pores and cleanses oily skin while providing moisture all at the same time.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS: Sericin(silkworm extract), Centella Asiatica Extract, argan oil
  • How to Use:
  • Wash face with lukewarm water. Wet the soap for ample foaming and massage it onto face for 1 minute. Thoroughly wash off soap with water.