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SECRET KEY Snow White Milky Lotion 120g / Cream 50g / Pack 200g [GLAM]
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SECRET KEY Snow White Cream 50g

1. Pure make-up starts here, all-in-one
You can feel your skin being brighter with regular and continuous usage, with the whitening cream that makes your skin snow white.

2. All-in-one base cream
Stop putting think base make ups to make your skin look fine. Cosmetics need to go on a diet.
No need to put on makeup base, moisturizing cream, BB cream, etc anymore.
This all-in-one cream is the answer.

3. Niacinamide (Whitening ingredient contained)
It enables you to maintain pure and bright skin, preventing production of Melanin, involving in various enzyme reactions which determine skin color.

4. Instant cream providing hydration deeply into skin.
It is the cream to make your skin maintain lively and refreshing by providing moisturizing deeply into the skin.

5. Free from 5 factors for your skin to be healthy (Safe for sensitive skins)
Free of artificial coloring, mineral oil, Benzophenone, Phenoxyethanol, and animal oils.
By excluding these harmful components, it can be used for highly sensitive skins.


1. Take an appropriate amount on to back of your hand.
3. Spread-apply the cream along with your skin texture and gently tap on the face for absorption.
SECRET KEY Snow White Milky Pack 200g

1. Natural Looking Brightening Effect
Practical product that is able to used on the face and the body where brightening is needed.
It will produce moist and milky-white looking skin with constant use.

2. Contains Niacinamide for brightening the skin.
Involves in various enzyme reactions in order to suppress the creation of melanin,
helps keeping skin clear and bright.

3. NO Stickiness! Fast Absorption & Moisturization
Fast and smooth absorption into skin with moist cream-type texture;
it contains sodium hyaluronic acid which helps keep skin hydrated for a long time.

Suggestion to use

1. Wash the areas you want to apply the product on then apply over the said areas and rub in massaging motion.
2. Leave on for 2-3 minutes then cleanse with warm water without rubbing.
3. Gently tap the skin while drying for milky-white skin.

SECRET KEY Snow White Milky Lotion 120g

1. Immediate brightening effect
Containing whitening functional ingredients
Express milky white skin tone

2. No need to wash out
Lotion type
Well-absorbed into skin

3. Great for every body part
Available for any body parts that need whitening as well as face

How to Use

-After basic skin care, release appropriate amount on the skin and smooth over it. Pat gently several times for better penetration.

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