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MEDIPEEL Melanon X Centella Mezzo Cica Antio Cream Brightening Whitening Freckle Acne Soothing 祛斑膏 MEDI-PEEL [GLAM]
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100% authentic products direct shipped from Korea

Medipeel Centella (Blue) Cream 30ml
Ease skin irritation / Ease of an old skin / Ease red skin
Powerful whitening effect with only a small amount
Wrinkle Care / Moisturizing / Whitening
High- Enriched First -Class Centella
- Soothing
- Protective Moisture
- Strengthen Skin Barrier
- Skin Protection
- Balance Between Oil and Water
- Improve Skin Texture

After cleansing and applying toner, and then apply centella mezzo cream.

Medipeel Melanon (Red) Cream 30ml

Medi-peel's unique whitening system with effective whitening ingredients will make your skin look bright and bright.
- Transformed into clear, radiant skin
- Intensive care of facial skin and local area
- Safe but sure brightening
- Cream solution specializing in the most special colouring solution
- Up to the stain of the face, dull black spots, dullness as well as pigmentation
- Balm whitening, whitening oil balance, elasticity shine, wrinkle skin tone uniformity
- Helps prevent spots from rising in the skin by controlling the root of spots. (Suppression of Melanin Absorption into Epidermal Cells)
Medipeel Cica Antio (Green) Cream 30ml


Contains a Green Cloro Complex that removes active oxygen that damages the skin, helping to prevent skin ageing and create clear, clean skin without trouble. Contains extracts of wheat germ, a good source of skin soothes and exerts excellent effects on skin's immune system and recovery of skin condition. Wheat germ extracts improve skin barrier, help regenerate skin and restore scars.

Suggested Use
In the morning and evening at the end of skincare, take an appropriate amount and gently spread on the skin.

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