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GRACE AND GLOW Scented Body Wash English Pear/ Black Opium / Rouge 540 / Peony Blush / Miss Moisture 400ml [GLAM]
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=Black Opium=

Body Wash with the luxurious fragrance of YSL, the Black Opium variant, which is formulated as a bath soap that can make the body brighter, soft and moisturized.



Brighten body skin

Maintain body skin moisture

Relieves inflammation of the body skin

Brighten body skin that has hyperpigmentation

Prevent acne on the body

Protects the body from pollution, sunlight and toxins



Serves as a skin lightening agent

Improve skin elasticity



=English Pear & Freesia=

Body Wash with the luxurious fragrance of Jo Malone, the English Pear and Freesia variant, which is formulated as a bath soap that can kill acne bacteria in the body and reduce inflammation such as redness and make skin more moisturized for a cleaner and healthier body from body acne.



Gently exfoliates body skin

Kills acne bacteria on the body

Reducing acne scars

Reduces enlarged pores

Firms and smoothes body skin



Gently exfoliates body skin

Cleanses clogged pores of the body

Soothes and reduces redness in the body



Gentle exfoliating skin on the body

Smoothes body skin

Corrects uneven skin tone

Has antioxidants and soothes the skin of the body


Centella Asiatica

Antioxidants for the body

Hydrating ingredients to soothe irritated skin

Revitalizes the skin barrier


Anti-inflammatory agent to reduce redness of the skin on the body

Moisturizes body skin



=Rouge 540=


Body Wash which has the scent of branded/high end perfume. Formulated as body wash that can brighten up and firming up body skin with the scent of branded/high end perfume sensation



Brighten up the body skin

Firming and plump up the body skin

Gently exfoliates body skin with fine/micro particles apricot scrub

Ultimate shower relaxation experience with the scent of branded/high end perfume



=Peony Blush=

Peony Blush Soft & Glow solution Body Wash has a branded perfume fragrance, namely Peony Blush from Jo Malone, with the main ingredients namely Sabi White and Ceramide which have the function of brightening, removing blemishes on the skin (hyperpigmentation), repairing damaged skin barriers and strengthening the skin barrier so that skin looks healthier and glowing. The content of Sabi White is a safer version than Hydroquinone which is known as a brightening agent.




Brighten body skin

Removes blemishes on the skin (hyperpigmentation)

Improve the body's skin barrier

Strengthens the body's skin barrier so that the skin is healthier and glowing

Hydrate body skin

Safe brightening agent with almost equal effectiveness as Hydroquinone



= Miss Moisture & Glow=

Body Wash that has a fragrance from branded/high end perfumes. Formulated as a bath soap that can make body skin brighter, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of Chicken skin (Keratosis Pilaris) with a luxurious perfume scent sensation.



Brighten skin

Reduce hyperpigmentation

Reduces the appearance of Chicken skin (Keratosis Pilaris)

Softens and makes skin supple and firm

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