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GRACE AND GLOW Body Serum English Pear / Black Opium 300ml [GLAM]
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English Pear & Freesia Anti Acne & Scar Body Serum


Body serum with a fragrance such as the English Pear perfume from Jo Malone has the benefit of gently exfoliating the body, removing body scars and acne marks, and keeping the body moisturised. With the content of AHA BHA PHA and Mugwort in it. It has a gel-like texture and is not sticky when applied to the skin.

Main benefits:

- Gently exfoliates the body

- Removes scars

- Remove acne and acne scars

- Maintain skin barrier

- Makes the body more moist and not dry

- Gives a sensation like wearing expensive perfume on every and after use



Black Opium Ultra Bright & Glow Solution Body Serum


Body Serum that has a fragrance from branded/high end perfumes. Formulated as a body serum with Niacinamide which has high antioxidant work as an agent to brighten, moisturize the skin. Galactomyces which is rich in vitamins and amino acids helps strengthen, brighten and smooth the skin for brighter and glowing skin. Texture

Main benefits:

- Brighten skin

-Moisturizing skin

- Softens and makes skin supple

-Strengthens skin

-Gives a sensation like wearing expensive perfume on every and after use

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