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BENTON Green Tea Deluxe 4 Trial Kit [GLAM]
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Product SKU BENTON Green Tea Kit
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 4 cm x 10 cm
Availability 42

Green tea Deluxe 4 Type Kit Contains:

-Deep green tea cleansing foam 20g

-Deep green tea toner 30ml

-Deep green tea lotion 20ml

-Deep green tea serum 5ml


DEEP GREEN TEA Cleansing Foam 20g

A cleansing foam delivers gentle yet thorough cleansing of skin impurities while keeping your skin hydrated. Formulated with Green Tea Extract for soothing sensitive skin and Camellia Oil for moisturizing and nourishing. The hypoallergenic formula helps maintain the pH balance of the skin.



Pure toner that contains over 50% of fresh Green Tea from Boseong and Deep Eg-Green Tea (Green Tea Leaf, Root & Seed Complex). Deeply brewed Green Tea ingredients, Centella Asiatica Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract and other botanical ingredients help rough and dull skin become healthy and revitalized. Using the midly acidic gentle toner, when your skin is sensitive after cleansing, allows you to start the first step of skincare without burden.



The patented complex at the heart of the composition (EG-Green Tea) Green Tea Leaf, Root & Seed Complex contains extracts from the leaves, roots and seeds of green tea. Green tea, rich in vitamins, minerals, fully nourishes the skin, perfectly moisturizes and tones, has a calming effect, helping to combat dryness and inflammation.

The complex of three types of hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight, medium molecular weight and high molecular weight) provides maximum, deep hydration, helps restore water balance and retain moisture in the cells, nourishes the skin with regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Restores elasticity and firmness of tissues, gives the skin a healthy glow and radiance.

Light gel texture, is quickly absorbed without leaving a feeling of stickiness or an oily film after application. The product is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and found to be safe for sensitive skin.



DEEP GREEN TEA Lotion 20ml

Deeply brewed fresh Green Tea from Boseong, the home of Green Tea. A cup of Green Tea for your skin.

Pure lotion that contains over 50% of fresh Green Tea from Boseong and Deep EG-Green Tea *Green Tea Leaf, Foot & Seed Complex). It has a fresh and moist texture, melting into the skin without leaving any white residue. It leaves skin moisturized with a pleasant feeling

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